Overwhelmed by Grace

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Brian Anderson with bookEvery Christian has been saved by God’s grace, but many believers have never grasped the glory of that grace. Can God’s grace be resisted? Will it cause the believer to endure in faith? How is it related to divine election? Did Christ in His death have a particular group of people in mind?

In Overwhelmed By Grace, Brian Anderson meets a widespread need for the ‘doctrines of grace’ to be clearly, simply, and Biblically explained for all believers. By the time you are done reading this book, you may also be overwhelmed by grace!

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starting quotation markHere is a well-reasoned, readable, Biblical explanation of the doctrines of grace. Many Christians find these truths difficult to wrestle with, and unfortunately there is a dearth of material that explains them well. Too many who attempt the task get bogged down in philosophical and historical arguments before they ever deal clearly with the Biblical data. Brian Anderson avoids that pitfall and focuses his energies instead on simply giving a clear and understandable presentation of what Scripture teaches. I am very grateful for his wonderful, straightforward, and above all Biblical treatment of these crucial doctrines.quote-end

John F. MacArthur, Jr.
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California
President, Master’s College and Master’s Seminary


starting quotation markBrian Anderson has written a solid, readable, engaging and very clear book for those who want to understand the nature of God’s grace in the salvation of the lost. I warmly recommend it.quote-end

 Dr. John H. Armstrong
Founder and President, Act 3

Discipleship Training Manual


This is a training manual that Pastor Brian wrote to provide a guide for an older Christians to use to help a younger Christian grow in their relationship with and obedience to Jesus Christ. Just print out the lessons you are going to go over, punch holes on the left side, and slide them into a 3-ring binder. Works great!  This Manual is for serious disciples, not the faint of heart!

Click here to view the entire book in PDF format.

Click here to view the Leader’s Guide for the Discipleship Training Manual in PDF format.


House Church

house church

In this book written in the 1990’s at Milpitas Bible Fellowship where Brian Anderson was pastoring, he outlines some biblical discoveries he made about the early church and its practices.  Click here to read an online copy.


The Suffering And Glory Of God’s Servant

“A Biblical Exposition of Isaiah 53”

Is 53 crucifixion

In this book Brian Anderson expounds Isaiah 53 – the great Old Testament prophecy of the coming Messianic Servant and Savior. Isaiah penned these words 700 years before Christ was born, but they could have been written by one of the disciples who witnessed His crucifixion!  Click here to read an online copy.


T4T – “Disciple Multiplication Training”

In this training manual, Brian compiles all the various materials that a disciple will need to multiply disciples who will multiply disciples. Click here to read an online copy.

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