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IMG_0310Brian Anderson is the Pastor of The Bridge. As the church grows and starts other home congregations, other Pastors will be appointed to form a plurality of Elders.

Brian grew up in the Sacramento area. He was converted in 1979, at the age of 19, while he was traveling through the western states playing the banjo with “Gloryland”, a gospel bluegrass band. From 1990 to 2000 he pastored Milpitas Bible Fellowship, a non-denominational Bible church in Milpitas, California. In 2001 Brian, Debbie, and their two sons, Josiah and Jonathan moved to Sonora, California, in order to plant and oversee house churches.  For the next ten years the Anderson family was very involved in house churches, both in Sonora, and Rancho Cordova.

Brian has written, “Overwhelmed By Grace” – a Biblical study of the grace of God in salvation. He is bi-vocational, owning a window and gutter cleaning company. However, his real passion is teaching and preaching God’s Word and discipling men.

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  1. Howard Stroman

    Brian I just want to say I really enjoy your teaching. I listen to you everyday on my way home from work. Your style of teaching is incredible. You share with boldness, confidence and simplicity and I appreciate that. Keep up the good work my brother. I will keep you in my prayers.

    God Bless

    Minister Howard

  2. Adele Lawrence

    Pastor Brian,
    My husband and I carpool to work everyday, and we listen to your Friday morning messages on the radio. We just loved listening to your messages because the way you deliver is like we are physically present in your church, and of course it comes from your heart and soul.

    God bless your ministry,


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