Missional Communities

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Missional Communities are the life and soul of our church. They are not merely an arm of the church; they are the church. To be a member of The Bridge means that you will be a committed member of a Missional Community. We want every person at The Bridge to be involved in a Missional Community. These groups are not bible studies, recovery groups, or small groups. Although these kinds of groups are good and have their place, they all exist for their members. A Missional Community, on the other hand, exists for the sake of those who are not yet followers of Jesus. Each Missional Community will identify a people they believe God has called them to love, serve, and reach with the Gospel, and then they will seek to radically reorient their lives in order to accomplish that mission. Instead of being a weekly meeting to attend, commitment to a Missional Community is a way of life to be lived, as members often see or communicate with each other several times a week.

When we focus on community in a small group, it often evades us. However, when we focus on mission, community naturally follows.

We usually share dinner together, have a time of Bible Study and prayer, and discuss ways we can reach out to others with the gospel.

For meeting locations and times of our Missional Communities, call (916) 304-3014.

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