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Counting the Cost of Following Jesus

| by | Scripture: Luke 14:25-35 | Series:

Unlike most of us, Jesus was not impressed by numbers of people. Instead, when large crowds followed Him, He sifted them, and thinned the ranks. He did this by telling them the Cost of Radical Discipleship – they must give up the people, comforts, and things that were most dear to them in order to follow Him. Then Jesus enforced this teaching by giving them three illustrations of the Dangers of Rashly Embracing Discipleship. Those dangers are Ridicule, Destruction, and Uselessness.


The Gospel Feast

| by | Scripture: Luke 14:15-24 | Series:

In this wonderful parable of our Lord, He teaches us of God’s lavish gift, man’s universal refusal, and the Spirit’s effectual call. Have you ever wondered why some respond to the gospel invitation, while most refuse? This parable will answer that question for you.


Jesus Confronts Sin At A Dinner Party

| by | Scripture: Luke 14:1-14 | Series:

When Jesus was invited to a dinner party, He told them that they were pursuing the wrong practice, place, and people. In doing so, He confronted them with their sins of Hypocrisy, Pride, and Selfishness.


Strive To Enter the Kingdom!

| by | Scripture: Luke 13:22-30 | Series:

When someone asked Jesus if only a few people were being saved, Jesus exhorted him and everyone else who could hear Him to strive to enter through the narrow door. Why do we need to strive to enter the kingdom? Because the door is narrow, because the door will soon be shut, and because the door will never be re-opened.