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Putting Impatience To Death

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Patience is enduring discomfort without complaint. God is a God of patience, and He has called His people to manifest patience. In this message, Pastor Brian shows how we can put impatience to death through faith in God’s attributes of sovereignty and goodness.


Putting Despondency To Death

| by | Scripture: Psalm 42; Matthew. 26:36-39 | Series:

All of us, at one time or another, must deal with despondency. We need to know how to fight it when it rises up. In this message we learn how the Psalmist and Jesus fought despondency in their life.


Putting Worry To Death

| by | Scripture: Matthew 6:25-34 | Series:

Worry is a result of sinful unbelief, and needs to be put to death by faith in the promises of God. In this message, Pastor Brian examines Jesus’ teaching Matthew 6:25-34 and reveals 6 reasons Jesus gives for putting worry to death.


How To Put Sin To Death

| by | Scripture: Romans 8:13 | Series:

How do we put sin to death? Do we just use the power of willpower? Do we work hard at obeying the Law? No, we put sin to death by believing the promises that God in Christ is better than the promises of sin! It is the expulsive power of a new affection!