Speaker: Jerome Wade

The Glory of the New Covenant in the Lord’s Supper

| Scripture: Matthew 26:26-28 | Series:

It is more glorious than the Super Bowl, World Series and all major concerts or activities and millions of Christians participate in this event every Sunday. What is this event called………The Lord’s Supper.


Crazy Love

| Scripture: John 3:16 | Series:

It is said that God loves us but what type of love is this? Is it the same love that a person has for their spouse, children, parents or even favorite hobby? Or could God’s love be much deeper than that, beyond our understanding and to the point that we could say that God is deeply in love with me or even crazy in love with me? Let’s examine the scriptures to see what we find.


Rebuild The City

| Scripture: Nehemiah 1 | Series:

What is your calling? What is your purpose? For some, this is a very difficult question to answer and for others, they have know their calling from childhood. In today’s study of the book of Nehemiah, we will see how Nehemiah received his calling and the steps that lead up to it.


The Eternal Resolution; Every Day Is New Years

| Scripture: Philippians 3:4-14 | Series:

It is that time of year again, what time, time to make New Year’s resolutions, time to start the year afresh. If you are making resolution for the new year or setting goals in general, there is one thing that should be at the top of your list every year: To know Him, Christ Jesus.


Motivations For Living A Holy Life Onto God

| Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9 | Series:

There is a motivation behind every decision in life, from the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear. But what should be our motivation to live holy lives unto God? The Apostle Peter helps us to answer this question in 1 Peter 2:9.


Fighting The Battle Against Sadness and Depression

| Scripture: Psalm 42 | Series:

Does the bible have anything to say about sadness and depression or is it silent to this issue? In our study of psalm 42, we will encounter a severely depressed person. We will also discuss the cause of his depression and get some battle tested encouragements for winning the fight. So grab your bibles and strap up. Let’s win this fight against sadness and depression.


Died And Risen With Christ

| Scripture: Colossians 3:1-3 | Series:

In this message Brian and Jerome tag team preach through Colossians 3:1-3. Brian shows the theology of what is true about the believer in Christ – he has died and risen with Christ. Jerome shows how we are to live out that truth in our day to day lives.