Sermon Series: Romans

The Glorious Gospel in Romans

Transformed By A New Husband

| by | Scripture: Romans 7:1-6

The believer is transformed by a new husband. He has died to his old husband, the Law, and been joined to his new husband, Jesus Christ, in His resurrection glory. This new marriage gives the believer an entirely new motivation and power for living the Christian life.


A Birds Eye View of the Book of Romans

| by | Scripture: Romans

In this sermon, Pastor Brian gives an overview of the whole book of Romans, so that we will all know where we are headed in the months to come as we slow way down and meditate on each paragraph. The Book of Romans is about the Gospel. It shows us:

1. The Desperate Need of the Gospel (1:18 – 3:20)
2. The Divine Solution of the Gospel (3:21 – 4:25)
3. The Transforming Power of the Gospel (5:1 – 8:17)
4. The Ultimate Glory of the Gospel (8:18-27)
5. The Sovereign Application of the Gospel (8:28 – 9:29)
6. The Gracious Invitation of the Gospel (9:30 – 10:21)
7. The Inclusive Plan of the Gospel (11:1-36)
8. The Practical Outworking of the Gospel (12:1 – 15:13)


Paul and the Gospel

| by | Scripture: Romans 1:1-5

The opening verses of the book of Romans reveal Paul and the Gospel he preached. Paul was a servant and apostle of Christ, set apart for God’s gospel. The gospel concerned Jesus, in His human and divine natures, and as the One who bestows grace for ministry upon His church. God gives grace to every child of God to serve Him and others.