Sermon Series: Genesis

Beholding Christ in Genesis

Christ – Our Righteous Covering

| by | Scripture: Genesis 3:7-21

Adam and Eve clothed themselves in fig leaves, but God rejected their garments, and instead made them garments of skin. Every person in the world is either dressed in his own righteousness or the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Are you dressed in fig leaves or a fur coat?


Christ – The One Whose Blood Speaks Better Than Abel’s

| by | Scripture: Genesis 4:1-15

Like Abel’s blood, the blood of Christ cries to God, but it speaks with a better message, duration, number of people, location and power. It will ultimately speak for or against every person on Judgment Day.


Christ – The One Who Brings Blessing To The World

| by | Scripture: Genesis 12:1-3

From the beginning of time God has had a plan to bring unspeakable spiritual privileges to all the world. Learn who they are from, what they are, and who they are for in this message as we focus on our great privilege of partnering with God in His missionary zeal to bring His people into the kingdom from all over the world.


Christ – Our Great High Priest Like Melchizedek

| by | Scripture: Genesis 14:18-20

Melchizedek is a wonderful picture of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is the eternally self-existent One, the King of the universe, the priest who reconciles us to God through sacrifice, and the preeminent one over all.


Christ – The Smoking Oven and Flaming Torch

| by | Scripture: Genesis 15:7-18

God assured Abraham that He would give him the land of Canaan by cutting a covenant with him. Likewise God gives assurance to us that we will possess our heavenly inheritance through the New Covenant. The glory of the New Covenant is that it is not an “if…then” covenant like the Old Covenant. Rather it is a unilateral, unconditional, “I will…they shall” covenant in which Christ Himself binds Himself to fulfill all the terms of the covenant.


Christ – The Son Offered By The Father

| by | Scripture: Genesis 22:1-14

In Genesis 22 we read of the supreme act of faith ever required of man – Abraham must kill and offer up his son as a burnt offering. In this story, we are reminded of another Father who offered His Son, Jesus Christ, as the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.


Christ – The Wealthy Waiting Husband

| by | Scripture: Genesis 24

In Genesis 24 we see a wealthy father sending out his trusted servant to find a bride for His Son. In the story, the servant represents the Holy Spirit, who is calling out a bride for Jesus Christ, and then leading that bride on a spiritual journey to heaven.


Christ – The Crippler of the Self-Sufficient

| by | Scripture: Genesis 32:24-32

Jacob was a self-reliant man who depended on his own wits and ingenuity in life, rather than trusting in the Lord. Therefore, Jesus Christ came to Jacob and battled him, broke him, blessed him, and branded him in order to transform him from “Heelcatcher” to “He who strives with God.” Listen carefully, as you just might find yourself in this story!


Christ – The Innocent Sufferer

| by | Scripture: Genesis Chapter 37, 39 & 40

Joseph gives us a vivid portrait of Jesus Christ, both in his sufferings, and in the glories to follow. In this study, we see Christ as the Innocent Sufferer, and see him in his Parent’s House, Potiphar’s House, and in the Prison House. Through it all, we learn of the amazing love of Christ, and His willingness to suffer for both our sake and His Father’s glory.


Christ – Our Exalted Lord

| by | Scripture: Genesis 41:14-57

Joseph was raised from the dungeon to the palace, from humiliation to exaltation to rule over the entire nation of Egypt to provide food for those that were perishing. As such he is a wonderful illustration of Jesus Christ, our Sovereign Lord, who rules from heaven to grant salvation for perishing sinners.