Sermon Series: Acts

The Spirit-Filled Church on Mission

How Does Jesus Continue To Do And Teach?

| by | Scripture: Acts 1:1-8

In this message, we begin our study of the Book of Acts. Brian begins by giving an introduction and overview of the Book of Acts. This is followed by examining the first 8 verses of chapter 1, and asking the question, “What did the apostles need in order for the risen Christ to continue to do and teach through them?” In this study we conclude by examining the subject of the baptism with the Holy Spirit.


The Devil’s Distractions

| by | Scripture: Acts 6:1-7

The devil has tried many tactics to stop the advance of the church, including distracting them from their calling.  In this message we examine his tactics and how the apostles overcame him by refusing to be sidelined from their primary calling to preach the word.


Stephen: The Life And Death of a Spirit-Filled Man – Pt.1

| by | Scripture: Acts 6:8-15

In this message we examine the progress of Stephen, a man full of the Holy Spirit, as he did wonders and preached the truth with a power and wisdom that his opponents could not withstand. After he was falsely accused and seized, Jesus gave him the privilege to preach the truth before the entire Sanhedrin, and die as the first martyr of the church.


Stephen: The Life And Death of a Spirit-Filled Man – Pt.2

| by | Scripture: Acts 7:1-60

In this message we behold the uncompromising power of Stephen’s sermon to the religious crowd that was about to murder him. Just before he dies, he witnesses about the glory of the risen Jesus whom he sees standing at the right hand of the Father in heaven, and like Jesus, he dies asking God to forgive those who are murdering him.


The Samaritans Receive The Gospel

| by | Scripture: Acts 8:5-25

In this message we examine the mission of Philip the evangelist to the Samaritans, who were at mutual animosity with the Jews for over 700 years. As the Samaritans receive the gospel, we see how our God is a missionary God, going out to save all of the nations of the world, not only the Jews.


The Making of a Missionary – Pt. 1

| by | Scripture: Acts 12:25-13:52

God is on mission to save sinners who are doomed to everlasting punishment.  As his church, we get to announce the good news of his salvation to all men – to be on mission with him.  In this teaching, we see some of the characteristics of the missionaries in the early church.


The Making of a Missionary – Pt. 2

| by | Scripture: Acts 14:1-28

Every Christian is a missionary – either a local or trans-local missionary. We don’t get to choose whether we are going to be missionaries – just if we are going to be good or bad missionaries. Check out the message on what makes a great missionary!


Grace Alone!

| by | Scripture: Acts 15:1-35

God accepts everyone on the same basis – by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  Therefore, in this message we see the apostles and elders of the early church rejecting the teaching that Gentiles need to be circumcised and keep the law of Moses to be saved, and affirming that salvation is purely by grace!


Effective Missional Communities

| by | Scripture: Acts 15:36-16:10

A missional community is a group of believers who are on mission in a particular community to make disciples for Jesus. Today, as we read about the apostle Paul setting out on his second missionary journey, we will look at some of great characteristics of an effective missionary team.


Jesus Calls Out His People in Philippi

| by | Scripture: Acts 16:11-40

As Jesus uses his missionaries in Philippi to build his church, he uses both their personal witnessing to various people, the casting out of a demon from a fortune-telling slave girl, as well as an unjust imprisonment of Paul and Silas brought about by the angry owners of the slave girl, to make a church in Philippi consisting of people from very different backgrounds, including even the very jailor that was charged to watch over Paul and Silas as they were imprisoned.


People That Turn The World Right Side Up

| by | Scripture: Acts 17:1-15

Although God created our world perfect, sin has turned it on its head. As Paul and his team go about confronting sin and preaching the gospel of grace, their enemies say they are turning the world upside down, although they are really turning it rightside up! In this message we examine 4 marks of the kind of person who turns the world rightside up.


Who Is The Only True God?

| by | Scripture: Acts 17:16-29

Today, as in Athens 2000 years ago, we are tempted every day to worship idols, or false gods – by putting our hope and seeking our joy in created things, such as technology, entertainment, other people, etc. – rather than the one true God who created all things. When we put all our hope in created things, we will sooner or later be completely disappointed. Let’s listen as Paul brings us to the only true God, who is worthy of our worship.


The Lord’s Encouragement to Paul in Vanity Fair

| by | Scripture: Acts 18:1-17

The city of Corinth that Paul came to on his second missionary journey was like Vanity Fair in the book Pilgrim’s Progress: it was full of immorality and wickedness. Upon coming to Corinth, Paul was alone and prone to discouragement from of all of the persecution that he had suffered from city to city. In this message, we see how the Lord encouraged him by giving him friends, converts, and promises.


Jesus Triumphs Over Satan’s Stronghold

| by | Scripture: Acts 19:8-41

Many years ago Hal Lindsay wrote a book entitled, “Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth.” And, you know what – he was right. Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth. But you know what – Jesus is More Alive and He’s More Well on Planet Earth! We’re going to see that truth as we come to Acts 19 today.


A Glimpse Into A First Century Church Meeting

| by | Scripture: Acts 20:1-16

In Acts 20 we have the only description of a New Testament church gathering. In this study we examine the time, location, purpose and activities of this meeting in order to see some very valuable principles that should guide us as we meet together in the name of our great Redeemer.


Paul Sets His Face To Go To Jerusalem

| by | Scripture: Acts 21:1-36

As Paul courageously travels to Jerusalem, we see 5 Powerful Principles for our own lives: the priority of Christian fellowship, the nature of New Testament Prophecy, our need to respect those with whom we disagree, the need to follow our convictions, and our need to be all things to all men.


Sharing Your Faith

| by | Scripture: Acts 21:37 – 22:21

Paul’s testimony before the angry Jewish mob provides us with many powerful principles for sharing our faith: having an earnest desire for the lost, finding common ground, emphasizing the inability of religion to save, relying on the sovereign initiative of God, and not resting until we see evidence of the supernatural work of God in their heart!


Paul On Trial

| by | Scripture: Acts 22:22 – 26:32

In Acts chapters 23-26 we see several things about the apostle Paul while he is on trial: he is consumed with the hope of the resurrection, he is compelled to preach Christ fearlessly, he was commissioned to call men to repentance, and he was committed to seizing opportunities for the gospel.


The Lord And His Servant

| by | Scripture: Acts 28:1-31

In Acts 28 we have an illustration of Paul’s description of his relationship to God — “the God to whom I belong and whom I serve.” In the first half of the chapter we see the Lord’s commitment to His servants and in the second half we see the servant’s commitment to His Lord.