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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Davies

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Davies   Samuel Davies   The great British preacher, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said to an audience of students at Westminister Theological Seminary in 1967, that “Samuel Davies is the greatest preacher you have ever produced in this country.’ Unfortunately, we Americans still do not know one of our greatest preachers…. Read more »


I Have A Dream For Our Church

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Recently I have been dreaming about what our young church could eventually look like. Here are my thoughts. I dream of a church: Where we grow primarily through conversions; not where we grow because Christians are being shuffled around from another church to ours. Where the make-up of the people is from many races, social situations and… Read more »


The Spiritual Awakening Of 1857

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On August 17, the core members of The Bridge fasted and prayed for spiritual awakening in their own lives, their church, and the Sacramento area. Brian shared with them some information concerning the Spiritual Awakening of 1857 which began in New York as a noon time prayer movement which eventually spread rapidly through much of… Read more »


Baptism – June 3, 2012

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Here are a few short videos of our first baptism at The Bridge.  Brian gives a short teaching on baptism, and Angela and Kevin share their testimonies of how they came to have new life in Jesus Christ.  These were the first two converts after a year of sowing gospel seed!


What Does It Mean to Be Led By The Spirit?

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I have often heard Christians talk of “being led by the Spirit”, and what they mean is that the Spirit tells them to talk to this person about Christ, or take this particular job, or buy that home, or say a particular thing at a particular moment. In other words, it seems that the generally held view of “being led by the Spirit” is that a believer receives supernatural or mystical revelation to make correct decisions in life. 


New Idea for Door to Door Evangelism

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I’m sure that the most threatening word in the English language for Christians is the word evangelism! We all know that Jesus has commanded us to preach the gospel to everyone and to make disciples of all the nations, but we are scared spitless to actually do it.  In this video I show how we at The Bridge have been meeting people and sharing the gospel with them by going door to door and using a Belief Survey. Perhaps you might want to give it a try. It’s really not as hard as it might seem at first!

God Yearns Jealously Over Our Spirit!

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James 4:5 has always been a puzzling verse to me.  I have always read it in the NAS, but recently I read it in the ESV, “Or do you suppose it is to no purpose that the Scripture says, “He yearns jealously over the spirit that he has made to dwell in us.”  In the NAS, Spirit is captalized, referring to the Holy Spirit.  In the ESV, spirit is not capitalized, referring to our own spirit. So, I began to meditate on the meaning of this text if it is referring to our own spirit. 


Serving Our Neighbors On Halloween

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Grilling up some hot dogs to serve our Anatolia neighbors on HalloweenThis year we decided to do something a little different on Halloween.  In the past, on Halloween, we would either leave our house to go to a church-related “Harvest Party”, or turn off the lights and lock the doors, so we wouldn’t have to deal with the “holiday”.  However, this year, we were convicted that we were squandering a golden opportunity to redeem this pagan event and show love to our neighbors.  After all, this is the one night of the year, when all our neighbors actually come to us!