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Christ – The God-Glorifying God

| by | Scripture: Exodus 14:1-31 | Series:

We apologize, but due to technical difficulty, the video of the sermon wasn’t recorded.
In Exodus 14, God set a trap for Pharaoh and the Egyptians and He used the Israelites as bait. But why? To demonstrate His power, spread His fame, and reveal His glory. Take a look at the God-centered God with us!


Christ – The One Who Sweetens Our Bitter Waters

| by | Scripture: Exodus 15:22-27 | Series:

Have you ever had needs and desires that hoped would be fulfilled in someone or something, and were greatly disappointed? Welcome to Marah! We have all been there. Pastor Brian shows how the story of the Israelites at Marah is fulfilled in our lives in many different ways. We need to stop looking to people or things to fulfill us, and find our fulfillment in Christ alone.


Christ – Our Bread From Heaven

| by | Scripture: Exodus 16:1-36 | Series:

The manna God rained from heaven to feed the children of Israel for 40 years is a picture of Jesus Christ, the true bread from heaven. We need to gather the manna of the Word early every day to have strength to journey to heaven and fight our spiritual enemies.