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Unconditional Election

| by | Scripture: Romans 9:1-24 | Series:

Unconditional Election is the act of God in which He has chosen certain individuals to eternal life, not because of any foreseen faith or repentance, but merely because of His own sovereign good pleasure. The apostle Paul traces out this doctrine in Romans 9, and it leaves us speechless and humbled in the dust!


Unconditional Election – Part 2

| by | Scripture: Ephesians 1:3-6 | Series:

In Ephesians 1:3-6, the apostle Paul lifts up the doctrine of unconditional election, and gives us glimpses of it from 9 different perspectives. In this message we look at those 9 perspectives, and then see how the Bible itself tells us how to apply this doctrine to our lives.


Particular Atonement

| by | Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:10 | Series:

For whom did Christ die? There have been two completely different schools of thought on that issue. One view is that Christ died for every person who has ever lived. The other view is that Christ died for the elect alone. In this message Pastor Brian seeks to harmonize all of the Biblical data on the death of Christ into a view with this motto: “Christ died for all men, especially for the elect.”


Invincible Grace

| by | Scripture: John 6:35-45 | Series:

If man is totally depraved, how will he ever be saved? The answer is His invincible grace. In this message, Pastor Brian shows that the Bible describes God’s grace in salvation as Him drawing, calling, quickening, and regenerating. God’s call comes to us with almighty power, and changes the heart so that we answer His call.