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The Glory of the New Covenant in the Lord’s Supper

| by | Scripture: Matthew 26:26-28 | Series:

It is more glorious than the Super Bowl, World Series and all major concerts or activities and millions of Christians participate in this event every Sunday. What is this event called………The Lord’s Supper.


Three Crosses On A Hillside

| by | Scripture: Luke 23:26-43 | Series:

The two thieves that died on the right and left side of Jesus, represent all of humanity. Either we see Jesus for who He really is, repent, believe, and confess Him before others, or we die in our sins. Which one do you identify with?


The Extraordinary Death of Christ

| by | Scripture: Luke 23:44-56 | Series:

The death of Jesus Christ was truly extraordinary! In this message we explore three signs that attended Christ’s death, and four different responses of people to Christ’s death. May God help us to make the right response to the cross of Christ.


Christ Is Risen!

| by | Scripture: Luke 24:1-12 | Series:

Christianity stands or falls with the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Destroy the resurrection, and you have destroyed the Christian faith. In this message, Pastor Brian gives rational reasons to defend the truth of the resurrection of Christ, and then shows the massive implications of that resurrection.