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Be Reconciled To God Before It Is Too Late!

| by | Scripture: Luke 12:54-59 | Series:

We are guilty enemies of God by nature who owe God our worship and obedience, yet we have all failed to render Him what is His due. He will bring all men before the supreme court of the universe and exact justice. Therefore, it behooves us to make every effort to be reconciled to Him now, before it is too late!


Dead Religion Vs. a Living Relationship

| by | Scripture: Luke 13:10-17 | Series:

In this story of Jesus healing a woman who had been bent over for 18 years, we see a picture of dead religion and a living relationship. Dead religion results in bondage, anger, callousness, and hypocrisy, while a living relationship is marked by freedom, joy, compassion, and genuineness.


The Expansion & Influence of God’s Kingdom

| by | Scripture: Luke 13:18-21 | Series:

The parables of the mustard seed and the leaven, show the external expansion, and the internal influence of God’s kingdom. Although the kingdom began very small and obscure and inconspicuous, it will have a glorious ending, spreading throughout the world, and influencing peoples from every quarter of the globe!