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The Master Of The Storm

| by | Scripture: Luke 8:22-25 | Series:

In the account of Jesus calming the raging storm, there are some very important lessons for believers today – Jesus may lead us into the storm, He may sleep in the storm, He may calm the storm, and He may reveal our hearts by the storm.


From Maniac To Missionary

| by | Scripture: Luke 8:26-39 | Series:

When Jesus cast out a Legion of demons from the Gadarene demoniac, He demonstrated once and for all that He is able and willing to deliver His people from the bondage of Satan, and transform them into brand new people with a new purpose.


The Passover Fulfilled in Christ

| by | Scripture: Luke 22:7-23 | Series:

The Lord’s Supper is the symbolic fulfillment of the Jewish Passover. Learn about the background and typology of the Passover and how it is fulfilled in the cross of Christ, and then re-enacted in the Lord’s Supper.