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Jesus’ Triumph Over Satan’s Temptations

| by | Scripture: Luke 4:1-13 | Series:

In the Scripture, Adam, Israel and Jesus are all called the Son of God. Adam and Israel gave in to temptation and sinned against God, while Jesus remained faithful. Listen in to find out why that is so vitally important.


The Year of Jubilee Has Come!

| by | Scripture: Luke 4:14-21 | Series:

Jesus was anointed with the Spirit to enrich spiritual paupers, release spiritual captives, give sight to spiritual blindness, and free from spiritual oppression. When He came, He ushered in the Year of Jubilee. However, to neglect, ignore, or reject Him is to face Him on the Day of God’s vengeance.


What Makes Men Angry Enough To Kill God?

| by | Scripture: Luke 4:22-30 | Series:

What makes men angry enough to kill God? We discover that the people of Nazareth were so angry at Jesus’ sermon in the synagogue that they tried to throw him off a cliff! The reason was because they viewed themselves as too big and God as too small.