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Transitioning From Judaism To Christianity

| by | Scripture: Acts 18:18-19:7 | Series:

In the book of Acts, we see a time of transition for the Jews from the Old Covenant ways to the New Covenant. In this study we focus on Paul, Apollos and the 12 Ephesian Men as they transition from Judaism to Christianity.


Jesus Triumphs Over Satan’s Stronghold

| by | Scripture: Acts 19:8-41 | Series:

Many years ago Hal Lindsay wrote a book entitled, “Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth.” And, you know what – he was right. Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth. But you know what – Jesus is More Alive and He’s More Well on Planet Earth! We’re going to see that truth as we come to Acts 19 today.


A Glimpse Into A First Century Church Meeting

| by | Scripture: Acts 20:1-16 | Series:

In Acts 20 we have the only description of a New Testament church gathering. In this study we examine the time, location, purpose and activities of this meeting in order to see some very valuable principles that should guide us as we meet together in the name of our great Redeemer.