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Grace Alone!

| by | Scripture: Acts 15:1-35 | Series:

God accepts everyone on the same basis – by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.  Therefore, in this message we see the apostles and elders of the early church rejecting the teaching that Gentiles need to be circumcised and keep the law of Moses to be saved, and affirming that salvation is purely by grace!


Effective Missional Communities

| by | Scripture: Acts 15:36-16:10 | Series:

A missional community is a group of believers who are on mission in a particular community to make disciples for Jesus. Today, as we read about the apostle Paul setting out on his second missionary journey, we will look at some of great characteristics of an effective missionary team.


Jesus Calls Out His People in Philippi

| by | Scripture: Acts 16:11-40 | Series:

As Jesus uses his missionaries in Philippi to build his church, he uses both their personal witnessing to various people, the casting out of a demon from a fortune-telling slave girl, as well as an unjust imprisonment of Paul and Silas brought about by the angry owners of the slave girl, to make a church in Philippi consisting of people from very different backgrounds, including even the very jailor that was charged to watch over Paul and Silas as they were imprisoned.


People That Turn The World Right Side Up

| by | Scripture: Acts 17:1-15 | Series:

Although God created our world perfect, sin has turned it on its head. As Paul and his team go about confronting sin and preaching the gospel of grace, their enemies say they are turning the world upside down, although they are really turning it rightside up! In this message we examine 4 marks of the kind of person who turns the world rightside up.